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What is PPC Marketing and Paid Search?

PPC management is an online advertising strategy that seeks to persuade customers to click on an advertisement that appears when they search for certain items or services.

Among Digital Saints’ many talents is the ability to identify and acquire keywords that have the most potential for generating revenue. Whatever stage of your sponsored search campaign you’re at, we’ll be there to help you get the most out of it.

The first step in quality PPC management is to find keywords that prospective buyers use when they explore the web through search engines like Google and, increasingly, on social media sites.

Only when people click on a sponsored search ad does a business have to pay. Paid search listings that get more clicks are better investments for a company’s bottom line (ROI). With PPC, you get improved placement on search engine results pages (SERPs) for successful PPC ads.

Researching your company and sector, we compile a list of keywords that connect with your target audience. These keywords are compared to comparable ones that may lead to more clicks to a given paid search campaign’s landing page.

To get in touch, consumers may simply click on a link on the landing page to phone, email, or send a direct message. Within 24 hours or less, most of our customers have a sales team on standby.

Our PPC management services are focused on maximizing the value of every PPC dollar spent. All search engines are monitored for changes in search trends, and advertising funds are shifted to terms that have grown more popular as well as recommended keywords for focused search.

What makes a good PPC manager?

PPC campaigns often  involve a large number of moving pieces. You don’t want a PPC manager who will automate your ads, barely monitor their performance, and then leave them alone. Quality ppc management continuously test, analyze, tweak, and further test ppc campaigns.

Because of this, you want to trust that the person managing your PPC ads is highly organized. Being able to track changes they’ve made, especially big ones, is also important.

Quality PPC management companies will think outside the box, ask detailed questions, collaborate, and push marketing boundaries. PPC companies are supposed to be a true integrated partner to your business.

What is a standard PPC management fee?

Flat fees range from $250 to $5,000+ each month. Percentage of month ad spends commonly range between 15% to 30%.  Some PPC management companies charge set up fees for landing pages, creatives and consulting. Always OWN your ad accounts for transparency of campaign ad spends. Remember the saying “cheap is expensive”.

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